explodinganyway: in my guessing- manipulating matter means just being able to move atoms (or matter) you can build things by moving matter and you can move other things because you can move the matter as a whole.

In terms of energy, I would think it one of two things. Either moving energy from one thing to another (eg. magnetic or chemical energy to yourself so you can be a human battery etc.) or changing forms of energy that wouldn’t naturally occur; like kinectic energy to magnetic even though a lot of that would happen naturally anyway (like potential energy becomes kinetic or electric etc.) maybe you could have more energy as the end result. Like starting with 2 units and ending with 4.

omg I could go on forever about this my brain is on overdrive but I will leave it at that seeing as I’ve already babbled a fuck-tonne

twosaltshakers: But that’s the thing: manipulating matter almost automatically requires energy. Movement of atoms/objects requires energy. If you build things by moving matter, you’ll have to form chemical bonds to make that object, which requires energy. If you want to move an object, you’d have to use energy: because energy = the amount of force applied for a certain distance. asldfjasdlfjasdlfkj PHYSICS IS MAGICAL.

So you’d choose energy automatically because manipulating matter requires manipulating energy. 

But you can’t have excess energy because the energy in this entire universe is finite. And so is matter. To release energy, you disassemble the bonds between matter to get that new energy. That’s why people are looking at nuclear bombs, because unleashing the bond between those little things in the nucleus of an atom releases a fuck ton of energy.

explodinganyway: okay but if you’re saying choosing matter because you’d need control of energy then to by default, it would be the same the other way. You can have energy and just…do nothing with it. You’d use the energy you can manipulate (I’m going here with just changing energy not gaining more because, as you said, it defies the laws of the universe) so if you got your energy from somewhere and then moved it to somewhere else then that moving of energy would move matter.

like if you drained the energy from someone standing on top of a building you would then have to expell that energy against another object or mass, thus moving matter. It is a funny question because by having control of one you have control of the other in either case…also, how cool would that be though. I would choose energy because then if anything was high up or falling you could just store that energy as potential energy inside you so you’d have super energy strength and nothing could ever fall or be hurt when falling because the kinetic energy it would have is gone! it would literally defy gravity because it has no potential energy to turn into kinetic energy…woh

twosaltshakers:You have a point indeed! I was thinking so much about the manipulating matter that I was a tad slow on the energy part—long story short for those who are bored of our physics talk, manipulating energy means that energy has got to go somewhere, which would mean it would go to matter. 

But I agree completely. Basically the question kind of sucks because choosing either results in choosing the same thing. :D

explodinganyway: YES! ALTHOUGH if you had control of matter then you could push air away and basically Darth Vadar the shit out of people because they would be in a vacuum and unable to escape and you maybe even send them into a black hole if you literally just removed every ounce of matter and light…that’s more an evil power then…

I’d say that matter manipulation would be used more for evil and energy more for good just because of the nature of what you could do with each…although each power does have good AND bad points but I’m talking overall here…depends on the person using it I guess.

twosaltshakers: Wow we really are geeking out man. Hmmmm but I see where you’re coming from—the movement of air would be a hell lotta less work if you were moving the particles themselves and not expending energy from other sources to move them. 

Not that you can divide all these powers into like, good and evil, of course. But basically, THE BEST IS TO HAVE CONTROL OVER BOTH MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA AND THEN WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH OUR GEEKINESS.  


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    in my guessing- manipulating matter means just being able to move atoms (or matter) you can build things by moving...
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    in my guessing- manipulating matter means just being able to move atoms (or matter) you can build things by moving...