Anonymous said: How do you manage to eat healthy at college? What sort of things do you eat?

Quite easily actually! I dance at college so it means a lot less theory classes and a lot more classes where we can’t take food, we’re constantly moving around and dancing etc. Our year all has lunch at the same time (there’s about 15 in the first year) and as everyone is there to seriously train and be as fit and healthy as possible, everyone makes an effort to bring good portioned healthy foods every day! Some of the most common lunches are: salads with a tin of tuna on the side, wraps with chicken and salad or vegetables, fried rice/stir fry with rice and lots of fruit and muesli bars!

I tend to have chicken salads- this gives protein from meat and eggs and spinach plus greens and carrot and other salad things and then it’s super yummy if you put a ceasar dressing on it! If I don’t have chicken in my salad then I bring tuna or have more egg as protein and iron are major things that as dancers, we need! For our earlier break (we have one 15 minute or 1/2 hour one earlier in the day) I have a piece of fruit and a nut and dried fruit bar. I love nut bars so they’re my kind of treat but we also have chocolate or lollies for after our meal at lunch! Everyone there knows that since we are working our bodies hard it’s okay to have extra sugar/fat etc. as long as we don’t be stupid about it.

For a person at regular college course (ie. all theory lessons) then I’d suggest getting lots of mixed nuts and dried fruit. You can mix together an assortment including some lollies so that you feel like you’re treating yourself but you’re also eating healthy whilst snacking in class. Also, an apple cut up makes good classroom snack as you can eat a sixth quickly and save the rest for later. It seems hard but the main way to eating healthy is to cut out unhealthy snacks that we usually eat because we’re bored. Instead of a chocolate bar, have celery with a scoop of peanut butter or rice cakes with peanut butter! The best thing is to stay away from badly prepared food (McDonald’s, deep fried food) and to try and cut down on a lot of white bread (like if you have more than one sandwich a day) and have a nice balance of yummy and good for you- that way you will want to stick to eating healthy and won’t crave sugar and fatty foods so much.

Hope this helps!

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